OpenSeaMap-charts can be used on board even without access to internet - with a chart plotter from Garmin, Lowrance, Simrad, B&G. Together with a navigation program or an app also with an onboard-computer, a notebook, on Android tablet, iPad or Windows tablet. Also with smartphones and some GPS-devices.

List of devices

Lowrance, Simrad, B&G

AT5-charts with EU-wide coverage


OruxMaps (free app and charts)

Locus (free app and charts)

Worldwide chart
Cached chart tiles
Show GPS-position
Waypoint and route navigation


Garmin's nautical chart plotters and some handheld devices can use OpenSeaMap vector based charts with worldwide coverage. You can save the whole chart of Europe to memory and it takes up only 3.5GB of SD card space. Garmin nautical chart plotters as well as Colorado, Oregon and Dakota can show the nautical chart in this form.

Free App for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Download app

Worldwide chart
Cached chart tiles
Show GPS-position
Search function

Windows PC, Notebook, Tablet

The NMEA-Datalogger is  chart plotter and shows the chart togeter with navigation data received by WLAN. Charts will be stored in the cache and can be used offline later. Additionally we can logging water depths, for building depth contour lines.

WinNav (GPS-32) is a fully satisfining Navigation Software.
Worldwide chart
Cached chart tiles
Show GPS-position
Search function
Waypoint navigation
Logging water depths

old Chart for PC, Laptop or netbook

Attention:  this charts are old (2011).
We are working on new charts (release begin of 2015).

All nautical charts can be downloaded easily and comfortably with the  download-layer in the online-fullscreen-chart: choose menu "Tools > download chart". Map overview in zoom=5. Choose a chart, define chart-format and off you go! Charts are in zoom=10, zoom=14 and zoom=16. Our charts are prepared to be used with a lot of navigational software (devices). The charts work with "SeaClear", "OpenCPN", "Fugawi", "Touratech"  and many other programs.

The following chart-formats are available:

KAP  non Maptech BSB/KAP 
WCI  SeaClear 
PNG  picture-file (frameless) 
JPR  Fugawi calibration-file  
CAL  TTQV  calibration-file
KMZ  Keyhole Markup Language (KML zipped) import for Garmin or Google

To use the charts with Fugawi-software you have to load the xxx.png-picture-file as well as the corresponding calibration-file xxx.jpr. Touratech applies the same procedure. The calibration-file for Touratech is, the png-picture-file is the same as for Fugawi.  We have tested the functions, but there could be unrevealed failings. We would be glad about an echo in our map-mailing-list.

In the Netherlands a lot of waterways lying close together cause many intersections and are therefore hard to follow up. For that reason the whole area of the Netherlands is displayed at zoomlevel 16. The files are enumerated by column and line from Ned_0101 to Ned_1821. Areas of the German Ocean without sea-marks are not displayed. To make the Netherlands-charts usable on Garmin-devices, we make the chart-size to 40 tiles width and 36 tiles height.

In case of questions or hints please use our Forum