12.11.2010   Developer meetup in Nürnberg.

01.04.2010   German Magazine "Skipper" writes about OpenSeaMap

08.02.2010   cooperation treaty with GEBCO

23.01.2010   OpenSeaMap exhibits 10 days at the boat show "boot" in Düsseldorf

19.01.2010   JOSM Plugin and WINDOWS-Installer for JOSM released.

05.08.2009   The sports layer is now enabled showing race tracks on the map from Rostock's Hanse Sail.

04.08.2009   The third alpha version of the Online Editor is online (Data is stored to OSeaM-dev).

08.07.2009  The template "port" was installed at the Guildford evening meet up this week(Version 1746)

07.07.2009   The harbour page on the Wiki is now in English as well.

26.06.2009   The online editor has its own Wiki page.

15.06.2009   The harbour page on the Wiki is now live(in German).

18.05.2009   The second alpha version of the online editor is online (Data is not currently stored to a database).

13.05.2009   The first version of a map legend is now online

09.05.2009   In the Nestoria Blog is an interview with Olaf Hannemann about the project.

07.05.2009   Kieler-Förde is now rendered.

01.05.2009   Icons for slipways, cranes and harbor masters are now displayed.

06.04.2009   Fire station is now rendered on the map.

05.04.2009   Data related to IHO S-57 is rendered.

03.04.2009   Developer meetup in Nürnberg.

20.02.2009   Test port "Warnemünde" is online.

28.11.2014   9th Developer's meeting (3 days)

23.11.2014   KNF-Congres in Nürnberg

07.10.2014   INTERGEO in Berlin (3 days, 7 presentations)

19.03.2014   FOSSGIS in Berlin (3 days, 1 presentation)

18.01.2014   "boot" in Düsseldorf: OpenSeaMap with own boot

01.01.2014   NMEA-logger for water depths available

26.10.2013   "Yacht" publish about OpenSeaMap

6.2013   Water depths by Crowdsourcing in "Hydrographische Nachrichten"

28.05.2013   Int. Hydrographentag Papenburg

12.04.2012   6th Developer's meeting for OpenSeaMap (3 days)

19.03.2013  Garmin charts worldwide

2.2013   "Hydro International" referred about OpenSeaMap

2.2013  "Hydrographische Nachrichten" call for data

2.2013   "Palstek" referred about OpenSeaMap

27.12.2012   29c3 - CCC ChaosComputerDay in Hamburg

13.12.2012   new Garmin-chart Central-Europe

25.11.2012   KNF-Kongress, speech

13.11.2012   Linux-Tag Erlangen, speech

09.10.2012  INTERGEO: OpenSeaMap performs 3 days with small boot and 3 talks

03.10.2012  River gauges in Switzerland implemented 

24.09.2012  Forum started

16.08.2012  5th developer meeting for OpenSeaMap (4 days)

15.07.2012  Developer sailing trip

03.05.2012  SeaMap-Renderer for paper charts (Linux week, Vienna)

19.03.2012  Garmin sea chart plotter works with OpenSeaMap

10.03.2012  Article in "Hydrographische Nachrichten" (English)

06.03.2012  CeBIT: Article in "gisTrends+Markets"

21.01.2012   "boot" fair is taking place in Düsseldorf: OpenSeaMap is guest at SatPro stand for 10 days

18.01.2012   Global tracking of vessels available due to AIS, satellite and APRS integration 

16.12.2011   Aerial images by bing can be choosen as an additional overlay 

05.12.2011   Marble -the virtual globe- features a new OpenSeaMap layer

24.11.2011   4th developer meeting for OpenSeaMap (4 days)

20.11.2011   speech at KNF-congress

09.10.2011   1.7 m Wikipedia articles and pictures presented on the map

27.09.2011   INTERGEO: OpenSeaMap performs 3 days with own boot and 7 talks

09.09.2011   WikiCon: OpenSeaMap performs at Wikipedia conference

15.07.2011   SOTM-EU: technical lecture about water depths and SeaMapEditor

13.07.2011   Depth Profile worldwide

13.07.2011   JOSM-Remote-Editor

13.07.2011   Nominatim-Search

13.07.2011   Trip Planner

13.07.2011   Gauge data dynamically included

13.07.2011   Coordinate grid included

27.12.2010   Speech at ChaosComputerClub

12.12.2010   Weather charts worldwide completed

18.11.2010   Wind chart worldwide

14.11.2010   Meteogram for all harbours

26.08.2010   50.000 Charts loaded 

01.04.2010   Skipper writes about OpenSeaMap

08.02.2010   Contract with GEBCO

23.-31. Januar   OpenSeaMap on "boot" in Düsseldorf

19.01.2010   JOSM-Plugin and Windows-Installer for JOSM available.

18.01.2010   First Lowrance-Chart.

10.01.2010   4000 Ports imported.

05.01.2010   First Garmin Chart for the Baltic

03.12.2009   600 Marinas imported, with direct link to the "SkipperGuide".

27.11.2010   First KAP- and WCI-Charts.

12.11.2009   Online-Editor 0.1.0 released on Website.